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Expansion and Transition

Mark and Michelle

Greetings from Ephesus! We hope and trust that you are well and full of hope in spite of the challenges of this unexpected season. The Body of Christ has had to find new ways to BE the church during this season…and WE are rising to the occasion! God is always faithful and our obedience opens doors for Holy Spirit to change the atmosphere and do the miraculous. It’s an exciting time we are living in.


The ministries that we oversee are growing and advancing the Kingdom of God in Turkey! New Covenant Church and First Love Fellowship, both pastored by Turkish nationals, continue to grow and be a light in their cities. The Arabic fellowship an hour north of us, that we have begun to help and serve, is also growing and doing well. Hope4M.E., our ministry to the refugees in Central Asia and the Middle East, has slowed due to the quarantine and travel restrictions; but Michelle’s partner, Nese, and D, the pastor of the Arabic fellowship, have been going once or twice a week to pray and to deliver gift cards and, sometimes, baby formula. We were also able, recently, to raise some funds to help 6 of the believing refugee families to pay their rent. Now that things are beginning to open up, Michelle was able, this past week, to join them once again to visit families and bring the love of Christ to these wonderful people.

All good news!

Now, we have some other exciting news to share with you.

Expansion and Transition

Mark and Michelle MooreAs you may have read in our recent newsletters, we are launching the expansion of our ministry as Hope4Nations. Through much prayer and counsel, we feel confident that the Lord is calling us to strategically reposition ourselves so that we can fully commit to the expansion…to this “new” thing that He is speaking to us.

With that in mind, we believe that it is time for us to relocate our family to the United States as that will be a more strategic option for our continued involvement in this region of the world.

This has not been an easy decision for our family to make. Turkey has been our home for 16 years this June. It is the only home our children have known. However, we do feel strongly that the Lord is in this. Expanding and continuing to minister, train, teach, equip and release in this part of the world from a base in the U.S. would increase the longevity and extend the reach of our ministries.

This move will allow us to continue to travel to Turkey to serve and oversee the ministries here, but also to begin to travel into the surrounding nations and beyond as He has put in our hearts to do. We have several invitations and opportunities that would be very difficult to meet if we were to remain in Turkey.

Hope4Nations as a ministry is still being defined. We are learning to be at peace in the place of the mysteries of God while we wait on Him. In this unexpected “time out”, we have felt Holy Spirit begin to reawaken in us dreams that we thought were long since dead and gone.

It is a paradox to find joy in the sadness; to be excited and grieving at the same time.

We do know this: Hope4Nations will be a place of equipping, training and discipleship; a place for other ministries to find hope in fulfilling their call to the nations. We also hope to be a voice, an encouragement to local churches across the US as they also seek out ways to effectively send & become Hope to the Nations themselves. As the Lord leads us in this establishment, we will continue to communicate those defining decisions with you. At this time, we have 2 other families who are committed to working together with us in this endeavor. We are excited for their involvement and commitment to join us in our mandate to share THE Hope for Nations.

Our plans, at this time, are:

to rent a small house in the Ephesus area. This will be our “base” here; providing us with a place to stay when we are in Turkey, and a place to host ministry teams who come to serve the ministries of Hope4Nations.

to relocate back to the U.S. within the next 3 months. We are still waiting on the Lord to reveal the exact “when”. However, we do feel God leading us back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, at least for a season. It will take us some time to readjust and “get our feet under us”. We are truly grateful to be returning to an area that is familiar, like DFW, an area where we have family, friends, and mentors.

We so appreciate those of you (you know who you are) who have prayed and encouraged us over the years. Please KEEP IT UP! We need those prayers and words of encouragement now more than ever! Please feel free to message us or email us with any questions or words of encouragement!

Your Partnership is Making a Difference

For those of you who have given so faithfully over the last 17 years, your giving has made ALL the difference. You have been a part of the nations coming to Christ and you have seed in the expansion of this ministry.

Your continued partnership as we move forward will continue to be a great blessing to the advancing of the Kingdom of God in the Muslim world and beyond.

As the Lord continues to “enlarge our tent…”, our responsibilities and financial needs will also increase. These additional needs will include ministry travel costs, leadership training, church planting and building needs, the Hope4ME ministry to refugees, and many other areas.

For those of you who have looked for good soil to give into, this could be your opportunity. God is moving in the Middle East and Central Asia…will you join us in bringing THE Hope for the Nations?

One Click Can Change a Nation

“(from Ephesus) all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.” Acts 19:10, ESV

Christianity began in this nation more than 2000 years ago. We believe it is time for revival to come again! In reality, it’s already happening and you can be a part of it.

There are 3 ways that you can partner with us:

Monthly: Click on the link below and write in what you feel the Lord leading you to give; $50, $100, $500, OR whatever God puts on your heart. Every donation is a blessing and helps advance the Kingdom of God in this region.

Quarterly: If it makes more sense for you financially, you can give your monthly commitments quarterly. For example, if you would like to commit $100 a month but would like to give it quarterly, you can give $300 every 3 months.

Yearly: Perhaps you prefer to give once a year and not keep up with having to give every month or quarter. Simply multiply your monthly gift by 12 and click on the link below and write that in the section for “amount”.

Regardless what you give or how you give (online or via check), please be certain to write in the “notes” that this is for “Hope4Nations” and whether it’s “monthly, quarterly or yearly”. That enables us to know what we can expect each month as we are preparing the budget for the ministry.