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You’re Invited

By: Lydia Camp

My dear child,

Before the foundations of the world, I knew you. Even when you were a twinkle in my eye, I loved you with an everlasting love. In the womb when I was forming you, I was also with you, and where I am, my love dwells, for I AM LOVE.

I long to know you, the depths of your heart, every aspect of your life. You see, I want to intimately know you – and I await your invitation, your welcoming Me into the innermost parts of your being. There is not part of you that I will hide from, or that I will turn away from in disgust. I am not afraid of so-called darkness inside of you, or hidden things – for I AM LIGHT and the LIGHT of My presence brings fullness of LOVE, JOY, HEALING, RESTORATION.

When I LOOK at you, I SEE YOU. Every part. And My love and compassion is for you. There are beautiful gifts within my love, waiting to be opened and received by you, My child. My kindness is for you. My compassion is for you – for every grieving, hurt place inside of you. My Joy – which brings supernatural strength – is meant for you. My Peace, which under-girds and settles you, ending inner turmoil and doubt – this Peace is yours. I do not desire to harm you, for I care tenderly about you. You may have gone through hardship and suffering; you may still be going through it.

Will you invite ME into that place? I AM very familiar with hardship and suffering. I endured to help you endure. Fellowship with ME in your suffering. I love every part of you, on the entire timeline of your life. I AM everlasting and eternal. I desire every part of you to know ME, to see ME, and to trust ME. I’m inviting you to invite Me…will you let me do what only I can do, in you, for you, and through you?

I will make all wrong things right. For my promise is to work it ALL together for your good and my glory. Absolutely nothing is wasted in your life, when yielded to Me. You can trust Me and My ways. You can trust My Love. I am the God who loves you, the God who sees you, the God who wants to know you more intimately, and restore and heal you.

I AM inviting you: invite Me.