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By Lydia Camp: Hope4Nations


“Secrets need to be exposed so clients can get well.” It was amidst an online counseling class that these words jumped out at me, causing pause.

Power. Packed. Words. If not for this truth, Caleb and I would not be where we are today.

Healing and restoration are a journey. This type of journey requires light, not darkness, it requires intentionality, not passivity. We often say in Restorative Prayer sessions: “God reveals to heal.” We need light to reveal what’s hidden: the broken places. Now, we don’t want just any light that could expose and embarrass.

We need His Light.

His Light knows just what to highlight, to draw our attention to. His Light restores and heals. His Light bathes us in His warmth, without condemnation or embarrassment.

Without His Light, there is no true restoration.

Jesus is the Light (John 8:12), AND He’s really smart. So, when He shines His Light into the dark, hidden, broken places, He knows just how to help us. He meets with us and scoops up our broken pieces. He helps us deal with the hidden, the dark, the underneath. He brings us people, resources, and tools to heal and restore.

There is a step we must first take, however.

The first step is humility.

We must admit we need help. We need to recognize there are places we’ve tried to hide, cover, and forget.

The next step is confessing to a trusted person. Share with them the underneath, the broken, the dark, the hidden. Maybe you don’t know what is in the underneath, just a sense that something is there. Maybe it’s the fruit of the flesh that is making you aware that there is underlying darkness, secrets that may be even hid from you. Jesus knows. His Light is meant to heal and restore. Jesus wants to do so from the inside-out.

It’s possible those broken, dark, hidden, underneath places are a part of our foundation.

They were in ours.

If you want to grow in ministry and Kingdom work, and you are building on a cracked foundation, ignoring the cracks, and trying to build around them…well, Matthew 7:26-27 speaks to this, “But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

A mighty crash.

That’s the fruit of ignoring the damage in the foundation.

Any area like “sand” in our foundation – the areas that are shifting, broken, unsteady, and hidden – we want replaced! This may mean we take a survey, an account if you will, of the wreckage and damage that still lies beneath. We invite Jesus to shine His Light on those places, then show us what to do next. He has a path of healing for each of us. He has His truth to reveal in those places to shore up our foundation.

Eph 5:14 “for the light makes everything visible. Therefore, it is said, “Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”

He still speaks to us today. He is actively shining His Light. He wants us to be awake to these things, not asleep. It’s Jesus’ desire that our foundation is solid, grounded in His Truth, bathed in His Light. Then what is built will stand. And what glory God will receive when we say “Yes” to His healing journey.

Jesus, we trust You to shine Your Light into the dark, secret, broken, underneath areas of our lives, our marriages, our foundations. Lead us in the restoration journey. All the resources and people we need for this journey we are trusting that You will show us. Thank You for Your faithful love and power. Thank You that You still speak today, and You are in the restoring and rebuilding business!